Press Clipping
Reggae Revival

Jah9, the singer who grew up on the island’s west coast, daughter of a Baptist minister and social worker, arrives close to sunset, straight from yoga class, in a black tank top and wide-leg pants, thin dreads pulled into a bun

For this reason, when Chronixx went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he sang a portion of a song by Jesse Royal and one by Jah9. “We all felt like we were there,” Jah9 says. “In a moment like that, it is not even about, ‘It’s Chronixx.’ It’s like, ‘We are going to be on Jimmy Fallon.’ ”

I ask Chronixx if singing the Jah9 lyric on Jimmy Fallon was a deliberate effort to keep the collective intact. “All the music that we have been releasing, I look at all of those songs as one song,” he says. “A progressive song. Just different verses. Different lines. My songs are just merely lines in that greater song. People understand my music more when they sit and listen to Jah9’s music. I don’t think that’s a thing that me and Jah9 sit and plan. And that, more than anything else, spells out the unity to people. It’s a spiritual connection that comes out in the music. Me and Jah9 are from two different ends of Jamaica.