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Reggae Roots and Culture Celebrates HER-Story Throughout the Month of March

Reggae Roots and Culture will present Special Programming during the month of March, featuring Woman In Reggae, and some women in our communities doing great works.

Guests each Saturday will include local, national, and international artists, musicians, poets and authors, as well as promoters who will be interviewed and their music and works featured each Saturday celebrating HER-Story.

Reggae Roots and Culture broadcasts at 10 AM on Saturdays.

On Saturday March 4, co-host Ichelle Cole will interview the following artists :

Sandra Cross, a native of South London and born to Jamaican parents is a lovers rock artist, with over 20 years experience in the Reggae Music Industry and more than 12 albums and singles, headlining tours throughout Europe, US and Japan. She received 7 International Music Awards and is regarded as one of the leading forces of England's "lovers rock" era. Sandra's first solos release was a remake of the stylistics' "Country Living," aced British Chart for 10 straight weeks in 1985. She is one of the most successful & respected singing talents coming out of the UK and earned the title of the BBC listener's "Brittain's Best Female Reggae Singer" for six consecutive years between 1986-1991.

​Nattali Rize, is an Australian born artist and musician, record producer and political activist. She began her music career as a street percussionist in Byron Bay, with a local band, Skin, before forming Blue King Brown in 2003. Rize is a social activist and has spoken out on environmental and human rights issues including people trafficking, the NT intervention, the rebuilding of Haiti and ethical consumerism. Nattali Rize is recognized globally for her unwavering commitment to using her voice and music for the global shift toward Full Freedom and the movement of Trust and Justice over the systematic exploitation of the people and our planet. With a deep Reggae influence, Natalli Rize brings heavy beats & conscious rebel lyrics to a progressive electronic, roots, reggae, dub foundation.

Jah9, is a Jamaican born artist, deeply mystical, who emerged from a chrysalis of poetry, dub and spirit to become a powerful femiNINE energy within a universal grassroots movement of consciousness. Her philosophy-profoundly spiritual, and her style, Jazz on Dub. Jah9 has established for herself a foundation as a formidable lyricist and revolutionary force; and now shifts her energies to unveiling a deeper more personal deployment of her 'Jazz on Dub' sound. Described as "black magic" and "possessing a chilling yet bewitching vibrato evoking a young Ella Fitzgerald and a rootsy coolness a la Erykah Badu" her dub-filled live performances elevate consciousness and invoke a spiritual reawakening.

Hempress Sativa, born, Kerida Johnson to Rastafarian parents Doris-Ray Johnson and legendary Jamaican Selector/Musician Albert 'Ilawi Malawi' Johnson of the Jah Love Sound System. Her music although generally rooted in traditional reggae rhythms, also at times, crosses genres and may reflect traces of Rhythm and Blues, African and even Hip-Hop influences as evident in the Anthem "Jah Have Mi Back". Singles such as "Get High" and "Children of the Emperor" have created buzz both locally and internationally, exemplifying her musical agility as a melodic singer and a lyrically skilled DJ. Hempress Sativa is an extraordinary young talent, propelling Jamaican music into the future while strongly remaining rooted in a traditional foundation.